​The Argus, named after the Greek mythological being with hundred eyes, is the magazine of the UHSK. Like the many eyes of the Argus, almost nothing escapes our writers. The magazine is full of sharp analyses, political statements and strict reviews, but also of happy experiences and student-oriented trips. It is therefore a versatile magazine with "something for everyone." The Argus comes out four times a year and has a different theme each time. Examples of themes that have been reviewed are: 'The digital world', 'Doom thinking' and, of course, 'Utrecht.' The goal of the Argus is not only to provide a fun informative magazine, but also to provide writing talents within the UHSK opportunity to develop their writing skills. In addition, the Argus organizes two activities each year, namely: the large Argus dictation and, since 2017, the Literary Evening. If you want to raise a theme yourself, write an article or express your dissatisfaction about something, you can contact the final editing.


Eindredactie 2019-2020

Steven de Boer (2017) Commissaris Vormgeving
Anneloe Brakel (2017) Commissaris PR
Rutger Loof (2018) Secretaris
Huub Mol (2016) Penningmeester
Thomas van Royen (2015) Voorzitter

Redactie 2019-2020

Ivo van Arendonk (2016) -
Stuart Duncan (2018) -
Berend van de Hoop (2016) -
Mariëtte Peutz (2019) -
Lennart van der Ree (2017) -
Felix Smit (2019) -
Gijs Toussaint (2018) -

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