Career Committee


Many people enjoy studying History, but opportunities for historians after their degree are uncertain. The Career Committee exists for History students who are unsure what career they want to pursue, or those who want to take steps towards their dream job early on. The Career Committee wants to point out to students that you can impact your future during your studies. With masterclasses and workshops, students gain skills that can be applied during and after the Bachelor’s degree. How do I build a resume? How do I create a network? Also excursions, lectures, and career events give students insights into the labour market, and into the use of skills you learn as a historian during your job. We want to show how interesting, accessible, and fun it can be to work on your future!


Carrièrecommissie 2020-2021

Beau Goosje Visser (2018) Voorzitter
Vivian Adelheid Schwarzwälder (2019) Secretaris
Maaike Snoek (2017) Penningmeester
Sterre Esmee Molenaar (2018) Commissaris Carrièredag
Peter Gunning (2020) Commissaris Coach Project

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