Excursion Committee


The Excursion Committee is one of the most intensive committees of the UHSK. It is the task of this committee to organize three trips annually for about 50 people per trip. The first is in November the Small Trip, which usually goes to places that are not too far across the border. In April, the Excursion Committee organizes the Great Journey. This journey takes about a week and is held in the education-free week between block three and four. Finally, the Excursion Committee organizes the Ameland Tour every year, the departure weekend of the UHSK.

Contact: excursiecommissie@uhsk.nl

Excursiecommissie 2019-2020

Douwe Jan Duvekot (2018) Voorzitter
Maaike van Dierendonck (2017) Secretaris
Joren Vollaard (2017) Penningmeester
Tijs Broekhuis (2019) Commissaris PR
Frank Drykoningen (2018) Commissaris Administratie
Madeleine Walker (2019) Commissaris Logistiek

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