First Year Committee


As a first year student life is a wilderness. The firstyearscommission (EJC) aims to make it easier to integrate into student life. Firstly it does that by creating a commission occupied only by firstyears. Secondly it organises activities for firstyears and all to enjoy. The aim is to let firstyears interact with each other and the rest of the world at these activities. These range from chamber evenings where the EJC cooks for their guests to whatever the committee can imagine. The committee does not have restrictions on how much they can organise and what they can organise. 


Eerstejaarscommissie 2019-2020

Tijmen Schalkx (2019) Voorzitter
Levi Verbeek (2019) Secretaris
Pieter Siemon Christiaan van Iwaarden (2019) Penningmeester
Nard Rutten (2019) Commissaris-PR
Rachel de Craen (2019) Commissaris-PR
elout crasborn (2019) Commissaris Intern
Wessel Hendrikx (2019) Elout's Assistent
Monika Julia Antal (2019) Commissaris Vergadering
Kes van Achterbergh (2019) -
Anna Laura van Voorden (2019) -
Peter Boekel (2019) -
Julian Dubbeld (2016) -

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