Holocaust Memorial Day committee

On November 1 2005, Kofi Annan, the Secretary-General of the United Nations at that time, proclaimed the liberation date of Auschwitz, January 27, as a special day: the Holocaust Memorial Day. Worldwide, the victims of the Holocaust and other genocides such as those in Cambodia, Rwanda, Srebrenica and Darfur are commemorated on this day. Auschwitz has become a universal symbol for the mass destruction of innocent civilians. In collaboration with Utrecht University, the UHSK organizes its own Holocaust Memorial Day, on which various speakers give a lecture on a theme concerning genocides.

Contact: holocaustmemorialday@uhsk.nl

Historisch Relevante Commissie 2019/2020

Maartje Beliën (2017) Voorzitter
Sanne Eline Boekholt (2018) Secretaris
Anouk de Lussanet de la Sablonière (2018) Penningmeester
Kim de Leeuw (2018) Commissaris-PR
Eva Koppenol (2017) Commissaris-PR
Isa Goosen (2019) Commissaris-PR
Jitske Hell (2019) Commissaris-PR
Emma Claire Rademaker (2018) Commissaris Intern

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