Image Committee


The Image committee is the most creative committee of the UHSK. This committee is responsible for promoting and documenting all the different activities. The Image committee designs promotional material like posters and flyers, provides promotional videos for the events and takes pictures whenever needed. Any other committee can contact the Image committee if they want promotional material for one of their events.​


Beeldcommissie 2018-2019

Richie Tessensohn (2015) Voorzitter
Jacob Hilz (2016) Secretaris
Myrthe van de Velde (2016) Coördinator Promotie Vormgeving
Merlijn Barkema (2017) Coördinator Fotografen
Berend van de Hoop (2016) Coördinator Filmbewerking
Emma Broekman (2014) -
Tine Gielliet (2017) -
Laurens Loudar (2017) -
Ward Edema (2015) -
Lidia Sztahura (2017) -
Lisa Deborah Dumas (2018) -
Stuart Duncan (2018) -

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