Music Committee


There is a lot of musical talent to be found within the ranks of the UHSK. The Music Committee makes sure this talent doesn’t get wasted by organising several musical events throughout the year. The Acoustic Open Mic Night in November and the Big Open Mic Night in March are events where not only the Music Committee themselves take to the stage, but where every UHSK-er has the chance to perform their favourite songs and showcase their talent! The Music Committee also takes part in organising the so-called Classical Evening (in collaboration with the study association for musicology) and the Culture Night (where people perform art or music in their own room).



Pepijn Hoekstra (2015) Voorzitter
Maxime van Loenhout (2016) Secretaris
Frank Drykoningen (2018) Penningmeester
Pim Reinke (2018) Commissaris PR
Maurits Luiten (2016) Klassieke Avond
Koen Hoogendoorn (2017) -
Dirk Hooijer (2017) -
Lex Bijlsma (2017) -

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