In Praise of Folly


In Praise of Folly

The Utrechtse Historische Studentenkring is available for every history student who loves to live. For the one who does not live to exist only, but also lives to celebrate life. This is why the association was founded in 1926, and a whole organisation consisting of committees and guilds has been set up since then: to socialize and to develop skills. Since 2022, you can also join the Burgundian society “In Praise of Folly” (IPF). It is a group of friends (actually: family) who live with one and the same interest: Living like a Burgundian, similar to a Dutch saying. As member of this society, you do not hesitate to share your knowledge about the pleasure and leisure of life!

The focus of this society is on writing reviews! Are you able to describe a situation in a funny, literal, or just dramatic or lethargic way? With a machine-gun fire of words from your versatile vocabulary? Then this is the society for you! After your text with attached photo, you usually add a playful grade (e.g. 6/6 sausages or 1/2 camel bumps) and you are ready to show your friends what you consider to be Burgundian. Don’t you really identify yourself as a Burgundian because you like consuming poke bowls, drink vitamin drinks or are you watching your weight? Or are you not in the business for reviewing food? There is no problem! After all, Burgundian enjoyment goes mainly, but not exclusively, through the stomach. With this society, ‘Burgundian’ is an elastic term: “In Praise of Folly” strives to diversity and inclusiveness!

When you are proud of a review you have made and it is quite long (like 200 words) you can submit it to and maybe it will be posted in the magazine of our association the Argus!

Does this sound like something to breathe (new) life into your student life? Then send a quick email to or scan the QR-code of the Praise of Folly-poster in the UHSK room. Of course, if you happen to know IPF members, you can also tell them you have membership aspirations! As a member, you are welcome to attend events such as simple drinks in a park, a distinguished wine or beer tasting or a summer barbeque where temperatures can soar. So, contrary to the reviews, the events do have a ‘classic’ Burgundian layer, but of course this is not always gastronomic or alcoholic. For those who do want these mentioned elements, there is of course plenty of room.

Are you a (special) beer lover? Then you may like the app Untappd, and find the awesome beers in cafes in Utrecht and far beyond. The reviews are made by mostly non-members of the UHSK society.

For firstyears: think of In Praise of Folly as a great first step to get to know the nicest people in the association! For the rest: this society is there for the advancement of everything you love. The goddess Folly takes care of you by delivering a proverbial eulogy, which you will notice when you’re sipping your favourite beer, wolfing down half a fuet or cycling miserably through the rain, after missing a train, but seeing a beautiful building which compensates it a bit. Folly will absolutely never let you down!