List of Terms

Below you can find the definitions of some Dutch terms that are often used in the daily life of the UHSK.

Stuurgroep The Stuurgroep is one of the central advisory organs of the association. It is a weekly meeting where the board, committees and members discuss the most recent developments in the association. 

Algemene Ledenvergadering General assembly, takes places at least three times per year. 

Grote Reis The big trip of the association. This trip takes place between the third and fourth block of the academic year, usually in April.

Kleine Reis A weekend trip that usually takes place in November. 

Departementsreis An educational trip that is organised by the board. Two professors will accompany the students on this trip. The programme is planned around a central historical theme. 

UHSK-kamer The UHSK room and office on the Drift. The room is open on weekdays between 10.00-17.00.

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