CANCELED /// UHSK ExCom: Big Trip Vienna Budapest

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Excursiecommissie 2019-2020
10 apr. 2020 11:15:00
18 apr. 2020 11:15:00

CANCELED /// UHSK ExCom: Big Trip Vienna Budapest

Dear UHSKs,

The ghost came out of the bottle last Wednesday, the destination for the Big Trip has been revealed! This year we will explore Vienna and Budapest on this trip! We will be staying in these two cities from the 10th to the 18thof April 2020. The party will start on the 10thof April at Eindhoven Airport, from where we will fly to Budapest. 

After a flight of just over two hours we will arrive in Budapest in the evening! From here we will take a bus and a trip of about three hours to the capital of Austria and classical music, Vienna! For this city, the Excom has put together a great programme, which will allow us to discover all the beauty of Vienna! To escape the hustle and bustle of the city a day trip is planned. This will take us to Hardegg and the Thayatal National Park. 

After four days of exploring Vienna, it is time for the next city, Budapest, on Tuesday! As the capital of this country, it proudly represents its rich history and many beautiful buildings and monuments. We will be enjoying this and more these days. There is an extensive program that has been set up by us as Excom, in which we will combine the best of the city! However, we do not only limit ourselves to the glory of Budapest itself, but we also take our day trip off the beaten track. On this trip we will visit Lake Balaton. 

After having had two cities, two countries and eight days, we will unfortunately have to turn inland again. With great memories, new experiences and beautiful pictures a plane will transport us to our home port. By the afternoon of April 18th we will be landing at Eindhoven Airport, after which our trip will be fully completed!

The sign-up for this trip will start on January 9, 2020. This will take place from 10.00 am onwards in the UHSK room. Make sure you arrive on time, otherwise there is a chance that you will not be able to come with us! The beautiful package will cost 450 euros. In this amount is already much included: the flights, the bus travel, the accommodation and a varied cultural program, it's all there. In addition, the amount will be paid in two instalments. About the exact course of events concerning payment and the drawing of lots will be followed by a message later on. Last point of interest when registering is to take your passport with you to the registration, it will be needed for that!

We are already looking forward to this trip and hope to see you all on January 9th!

Lots of love, 

The Excursion Committee