Lecture "Toleration and Inclusion"


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29 nov. 2018 11:20:00

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93ste bestuur des Utrechtse Historische Studentenkrings (2018-2019)
Datum en tijd
28 nov. 2018 19:15 - 20:30
Drift 25, 201

Lecture "Toleration and Inclusion"

By now you have probably had your own encounters with the particularities of Dutch culture. In order to put that into a more historical perspective, the UHSK is organising a lecture to explain some more on Dutch Culture. Prof Dr Joris van Eijnatten will give a lecture with the title “Toleration and inclusion: lessons from Dutch history”. After that there will be time for discussion and questions and if you still have not had enough, you can join us for a drink at Café de Vingerhoed. You can sign up via de website (www.uhsk.nl) or by sending an email to info@uhsk.nl.

We are looking forward to seeing you there. Of course, if you are a Dutch student and interested in the topic, feel free to join!

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