Activities Committee


The Activities Committee started as a sports committee. Nowadays, only the first activity of the year is related to sports and games. The committee also organizes a Beer Cantus, rolling dinner and a quiz. The Activity Committee consists of 8 people and meets once a week. The committee is perfect for people who, in addition to the committee work, are also looking for 'gezelligheid'. The meeting usually involves a joint snack and drink.


Activiteitencommissie 2023-2024

Lotte Bruel (2022) Voorzitter
Tobias Haanappel (2021) Secretaris
Philip Storm van ‘s Gravesande (2022) Penningmeester
Luuk Bruijnen (2022) Commissaris Intern
Jesper Florian Kuijlaars (2023) Commissaris PR
Matthew Nijhof (2023) Commissaris PR
Noortje Meijer (2023) Commissaris Eerstejaarszaken
Per Olaf Broeckaert (2023) Commissaris Commissieslag