Course Evaluations

The UHSK and the Student Assessor are and the Curriculum Committee, as always, very busy to improve the quality of your curriculum and education. For this purpose, we have Course Evaluations. Students from different years and seminar groups who are willing to convey their feedback can join this panel. The feedback gathered through the board will be applied to your courses to improve the quality of your education. We are now looking for students who want to join our feedback panel. 

What is it about? 
After each block the Course Evaluations will meet. During this meeting the courses of the block will be evaluated. This often results in interesting conversations. Apart from evaluating specific courses the panel might sometimes also discuss broader questions about the curriculum, such as the usefulness of recording lectures. The meetings will only last one hour and your presence will be of great value to us and to the quality of your own education!

Who are looking for?
Enthousiastic students who are willing to voice their opinion about courses. However, it is not only about your opinion but also about the opinion of other students in your seminar group. You will be partly functioning as a representative for your seminar group. 
If you are interested please send an email stating your name, seminar group and motivation to: