UHSK Education Committee


The goal of the UHSK Education Committee (UBO) is to improve the History education at Utrecht University by helping students and facilitating discussion on important subjects concerning education. The committee consists of seven members and is chaired by the Commissioner of Education of the UHSK.

The UBO organises a range of different activities, including exam trainings and workshops. The goal of these activities is to lend History students a hand in completing their education. Secondly, the UBO strives to strengthen the bond between the Department of History and Art History and the History students. For example, the UBO organises a Research Parade where professors from the department give a pitch on their research. This way, the UBO hopes to shed a light on all the research that is conducted at the Department. Thirdly, the UBO also aims to foster discussion on important themes concerning our education. For example, the UBO helps in organising the annual closure of the Department. During this day there is room for discussion on several subjects concerning education. In this way, the UBO aims to encourage reflection on educational changes and innovations.

Contact: ubo@uhsk.nl

UHSK voor Beter Onderwijs 2023-2024

Chiara Evans (2021) Voorzitter
Jesse Visser (2021) Secretaris
Iseult Ní Lionnagáin (2022) Penningmeester
David Westerman (2022) Commissaris Meeloopdagen
Jasper Paap (2022) Commissaris Onderzoeksparade
Daan van Zoggel (2021) Commissaris Onderzoeksparade
Fons van Aarssen (2022) Commissaris Evenementen
Sophia Eberhard Zolle (2023) Commissaris PR