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The Argus, named after the hundred-eyed creature from Greek mythology, is the UHSK’s official magazine. Like Argus with his many eyes, there’s little our authors miss. The magazine is therefore filled with literary extravagance of all sorts. Sharp op-eds and intriguing interviews can be found within its pages, but also pieces on student life and UHSK trips, together with beautiful prose and poetry. It’s a versatile magazine with something for everybody inside. The Argus is released four times a year, with each edition having its own theme. Examples of prior themes are ‘Rebirth’, ‘Lost and Found’ and ‘At Sea’. The Argus doesn’t just provide a creative and engaging magazine for its readers, but also allows talents within the UHSK to develop their skills and cultivate a pleasure in writing. Besides this work, the Argus has also organised a yearly ‘Literary evening’ ever since 2017, during which members of the UHSK can recite from their own work or other literature. Furthermore, the ‘Literary evening’ consists of a conversation with a published author.
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