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Boekhandel Bijleveld

This bookstore has been established in 1865 and is housed in a beautiful building on the Janskerkhof. Here, UHSK-members receive a 10% discount on all English-language books upon presentation of their digital membership card. Looking for a literary classic or will you be surprised by something else? Also excluded are textbooks for all kinds of courses, which are already available for a 10% discount via Wo4you for History.


UHSK-members can go to Nobelstraat or Kanaalweg for their cup of coffee or tea, and perhaps enjoy a tasty pastry with it. It's nice if you also get a 10% discount on the presentation of your digital membership card. The discount applies to the total price of all your orders. It is also possible to have a nice meeting with your committee or hold an event in one of the two locations.

Eazie Voorstraat

The branch of Eazie at the Voorstraat offers UHSK-members a 10% discount on the total price of their order upon presentation of their digital membership card. Dive into Asian cuisine if you fancy a hot snack, or of course a good evening meal.

030 Fietsen

You will also find 030-fietsen at the Nobelstraat for a 10% discount upon presentation of the digital membership card for a new bicycle or all your bicycle repairs. Accessories are also included, for example a bicycle chain or a saddle cover.

Chatime Bubble Tea

Feel like having a break with a healthy, but also tasty drink? Go to Lange Elisabethstraat and get a 15% discount on the presentation of your digital membership card. The discount is calculated on the total price of your order. Chatime also offers a loyalty card, where you can get a 10% discount on top of the discount of this digital membership card.

Gys Voorstraat

The branch of GYS Voorstraat you can get a 20% discount on the entire product range upon presentation of your digital membership card. Everything is sustainably produced, so at Gys you only eat with a conscious mind. In addition, as a committee you are very welcome to meet or organize an event at the branch of the Voorstraat or the Amsterdamsestraatweg (the discount doesn’t apply for this branch). The discount does not apply on Friday evening and throughout Saturday. Also, no discount will be calculated in combination with special promotions.

Dogma Hotdogbar

At this hotdog bar at the Voorstraat, UHSK-members can enjoy a hotdog, which will be served with free fries.

Grand Café de Beuntjes

Just outside the canal of Utrecht you will find the always pleasant Grand Café de Beuntjes on the Biltstraat. Here, UHSK-members can expect a fixed beer price of €2.50 on a beer upon presentation of their digital membership card. A pitcher is standard €12.50 and meals also have a fixed price. See the overview below. Please note: fixed prices only apply after reservation via If you as a committee want to rent a room for an event, this is only possible on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays and Grand Café de Beuntjes offers a turnover guarantee of €500.

All main courses and salads: €12.50

Main course + dessert: €14.50 (only for groups)

Starter + main course + dessert: €17.50 (only for groups)

All soft drinks: €2.50

Heineken beer: €2.50

Pitcher Heineken: €12.50

Glass of house wine: €4.00

Wine & Wellness Utrecht

You will find Wine & Wellness Utrecht in the same building as Grand Café de Beuntjes. Here, UHSK-members can purchase a day entrance for €10 or a monthly subscription for €20 upon presentation of their digital membership card. For day entrance: go to and click on Reserveren > Wat wilt u boeken? on Verenigingen. For monthly subscription: go to and select the Maandabonnement Verenigingen bij Abonnementen. A subscription ends automatically.