Gala Committee


A night full of celebration, music and conviviality when we all look top-notch - in short; the UHSK gala. Annually the gala is held in March as part of de festivities to mark the anniversary of the UHSK. Every year the gala has a different unique theme with (theme)music and a matching decor. All this is arranged by the fantastic UHSK GaCo. Some of the previous themes were; Crystal Palace, The Orient Express and Cluedo.


Galacommissie 2023-2024

Luuk Ietze Noordmans (2022) Voorzitter
Nina Vissers (2023) Secretaris
Bram Ledeboer (2022) Penningmeester
Luuk van der Krogt (2023) Commissaris Intern
Simon Julian Driedijk (2023) Commissaris PR
Sem Donders (2022) Commissaris Extern
Marit Selma Miedema (2023) Commissaris Draaiboek
Xavier Zorge (2023) Commissaris Commissieslag