In the academic year 2023-2024, the UHSK has the honor of organizing the SGN day. Students of History Netherlands, or SGN for short, is the umbrella body of all study associations for the study of History in the Netherlands. The SGN organizes two activities every year for all members from the Netherlands, with the highlight being the SGN day, which is organized every year in a different city. This year it will be organized in Utrecht! The SGN day committee is responsible for the organization of this day.


SGN-dagcommissie 2023-2024

Tristan Hofkes (2021) Voorzitter
Caroline Rozema (2019) Secretaris
Madelijn Zwart (2023) Penningmeester
Bram Ledeboer (2022) Commissaris Intern
Luuk Ietze Noordmans (2022) Commissaris PR
Tijl Hensgens (2023) Commissaris Extern
Boaz Hukema (2023) Commissaris Commissieslag