AlmanakCie: Enquête

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Almanakcommissie 2023-2024
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7 mrt. 2024 00:00 - 19 apr. 2024 23:59
UHSK kamer

AlmanakCie: Enquête

Are you curious to see what this year’s ‘Art Deco’ almanac has to offer? Do want to know more about the roaring twenties and the period of prohibition? Are you ready to look at all the wonderful photos of our last academic year and find out the results of the survey? Then, fill in the survey and pre-order the almanac now on the webshop!

You have until the 19th of march to fill out the survey and until the 12th of may to pre-order the almanac.

Linkfor buying the Almanak:

Pre-order the Almanak here!

Link for the enquête: