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Het 97ste Bestuur des Utrechtse Historische Studentenkrings (V.l.n.r.: Tristan Hofkes, Hans Kobes, Amber Verspui, Dax Antheunisse, Isabel Makkinje, Jona van Vreedendaal)

97ste Bestuur des Utrechtse Historische Studentenkrings

Dax Antheunisse (2020) Voorzitter
Amber Verspui (2020) Secretaris
Isabel Makkinje (2020) Penningmeester
Hans Kobes (2020) Commissaris Onderwijs
Jona van Vreedendaal (2020) Commissaris Intern
Tristan Hofkes (2021) Commissaris Extern

Good day!
I am Dax and currently chairman of the 97th board of the UHSK. I’m originally from Zandvoort but have lived here in our beloved Utrecht for the past two years. As a third-year student I am doing the Postcolonial Studies minor.
Before this board year, I have been part of the ‘Lustrum Committee’ and ‘UHSK for Better Education’, where I have always had an amazing time. That’s the beauty of the UHSK in my opinion; all the beautiful friendships you get to develop! In the last two years alone I have found people who will never get rid of me, even if they are repeatedly prey to my pranks.
As chairman, you will likely see my face a lot during the year, on activities, but also in our beautiful UHSK room. In case you have not met me before, you can recognize me by my annoying catchphrases, crazy dances, even crazier outfits on FeCo’s and the rolling eyes of the people surrounding me when I’ve made a very mediocre joke.
I’m extremely excited to have a blast with everyone and to make this year unforgettable. I hope to see you soon!

o.d.z. 'Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo, wat een armoe'

Dax Antheunisse

I’m Amber and I am the secretary of the 97th board of the UHSK. My roots lie in the city of Rotterdam, but I quickly moved to the beautiful Utrecht when I started with my bachelor, two years ago.
Since I joined the UHSK I’ve been a member of the Acquisition Committee, the Gala Committee and the Statutes Committee. Being part of the board is an amazing new challenge that I’m very much looking forward too.
Next to being the secretary of the UHSK, I'm also following the Honours Programme and I'm working as a student assistent at the department for socialeconomic history. 
In my spare time I like to collect vinyl records by various artists, I follow a yoga class now and then and spend time in the pub with my favorite study association. Can’t wait to see you all at the weekly drinks!

o.d.z. ‘Notuleren, archiveren, maar vooral veel in de kroeg flaneren’

Amber Verspui

I am Isabel, the treasurer of the 97th board of the UHSK. I really like the challenge of doing something completely different from our study by focussing on the financial aspects of our society. At the end of my first year I moved to Utrecht. Although I miss my two wiener dogs daily I love living in Utrecht. I have been a member of the First Years Committee, Historical Events Committee and the UHSK for Better Education. In my spare time I like to meet with my friends, play games on my switch and read books. I am looking very much forward to the coming year and seeing you all at UHSK activities!

o.d.z. 'Wie betaalt bepaalt'

Isabel Makkinje

Hello everyone!
I am Hans, and I am the Commissioner of Education of the UHSK. I have my roots in beautiful Twente, but our beloved Utrecht has been my home for two years now. As the Commissioner of Education, I am responsible for all events and meetings related to education. The coming year I hope to mix the serious business of education with some 'gezelligheid'!
During my time in the UHSK, I have been a member of the First Years Committee, the Gala Committee and of course the UHSK For Better Education, of which I will be the chair of this year. During my free time, you might see me travelling abroad and touring the many bars of Utrecht. I hope to see you all at the UHSK activities, the room or at the Tussentijd!

o.d.z. 'Ik ben van boven niet goed wijs, maar wel Commissaris Onderwijs'

Hans Kobes

I am Jona also called 'ons Joon' and I am the Commissioner of Internal Affairs of the UHSK. This is a role that fits me perfectly, since I like ‘gezelligheid’ and the (slightly more than) occasional drink. I have been living in Utrecht for about two years now, originally I come from the sunny south, Maastricht! There I also gained the necessary experience with drinking my favorite drink: ‘pils’! You will almost always see me at the drinks and parties until the end, and you can also find me at most events.
My UHSK experience started at the MusiCie, perhaps the best committee in the Kring. I really like to play my guitar and making music with other people is one of the best things there is.

o.d.z. ‘Daar proosten we op’

Jona van Vreedendaal

​​​​​​​I'm Tristan and I'm the Commissioner of External Affairs of the UHSK. At 23 years young I am the grandpa of your board, but don't worry, you will always see me until the end at the drinks!
Originally I come from Buren, a village in the Betuwe. When I started my first study in 2018, I exchanged that for the beautiful city of Utrecht as soon as possible.
I became active at the UHSK about a year ago, and I got to know so many nice people here. It is therefore characteristic of the association that everyone can always have fun and make friends at our activities and drinks.
In my spare time I make music. I sing, play guitar and every now and then try to make electronic music. In addition, I like to barbecue, even if there is rain or snow. Finally, I like to write fiction, my nine-part fantasy series is still in the making.
As Commissioner of External Affairs I am responsible for arranging money and external relations for the association, so I will do my best to always network as well as possible!

o.d.z. ‘Mijn knipoogjes zijn het begin van ons netwerk’

Tristan Hofkes

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